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LoanBase is named among the 5 leading real estate tech startups

LoanBase is mentioned among the 5 leading real estate tech startups in Digital Journal

It says:

« LoanBase is revolutionizing the investment property and commercial real estate industries by building a tech-based marketplace that links borrowers, lenders, and brokers.

As an innovative platform, LoanBase unlocks capital across the spectrum of commercial lending, like residential loans, fix-and-flips, multifamily, DSCR, retail, office, and industrial properties.

The company is led by Co-Founder and CEO Ari Shpanya. LoanBase has created a real-time data room where borrowers can connect with multiple lenders simultaneously and find the best loan available. Compared to traditional lending, LoanBase has reported a cost reduction of up to 50% for borrowers and an acceptance rate of 81%.

The LoanBase platform claims to reduce the unnecessary and lengthy 3-month loan application process to 15 days, as well as make it easy for borrowers to see all lenders in one place (in a centralized location). This reduces the possibility of biased financial consulting. LoanBase also provides an in-house capital advisor for every borrower.»

To watch full list of real estate leaders — follow the link: https://hubs.ly/Q01lVF1B0
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