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The future of the mobile app market for pregnant women

Evgeny Zhikharev, the founder of amma pregnancy tracker , has a column in InsightsCare about the FemTech market.

Key ideas from the article:

About 140 million women give birth worldwide every year, and more than 60% download mobile pregnancy apps.

Why do we need such apps?

Pregnancy apps provide women with information and emotional support. Parents-to-be can find answers to frequently asked questions about health, psychology, and their changing lifestyle. Women can track changes in their bodies with health charts and receive telemedicine counselling if needed.

Factors driving market and project growth

The market is influenced by both short-term and long-term trends, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of mobile internet users and increased reliance on mobile services.

🔹 During the pandemic, pregnant women were at risk because clinic consultations became linked to the possibility of infection. Since then, women started using pregnancy apps as a source of information and a safe channel to communicate with doctors.
🔹 In 2021, digital health attracted $29.1 billion in investments, twice as much as the year before. Of that, femtech companies received $1.2 billion, which also set a new record.
🔹 Pregnancy solutions are now the largest femtech segment with a 21% market share.

Read the full text of the column at the link: https://insightscare.com/the-future-of-the-mobile-application-market-for-pregnant-women/
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