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4 lessons Aleks Farseev learned while moving to the CEO of an AI startup position

Aleks Farseev, our portfolio company SoMin.ai founder, shared his four lessons learned along the way while moving to the CEO of an AI startup position in his recent Forbes Technology Council article.

Here is the brief list:

1. Help is all around you. All you need to do is ask.

I discovered that by admitting I didn't know something, there was always someone willing to steer me in the right direction, from my peers to my mentors.

2. Life isn't one but many journeys with branching paths.

In the beginning, I failed, but I finally attained success through meticulous planning and a deep understanding of my subject.

3. When you feel stuck, take a walk.

When in doubt, take a walk, meditate or do whatever activity helps clear your mind so that you, too, can conceive a unique idea.

4. Never neglect your hobbies — they can add value to you as an entrepreneur.

Hobbies should always be viewed as another set of skills that run in parallel to your more formal skill set, as you can't gain them through conventional forms of education.

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