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INCYMO.AI is on the list of 15 most innovative companies of Delaware!

Innovation Tech News made a list of 15 most 15 most innovative companies of Delaware. INCYMO.AI is on the list:

- INCYMO.AI (Founded by Anna Zdorenko)
- cloudquery (Founded by Yevgeny Pats)
- Colossyan (Founded by Dominik Mate Kovacs, Kristóf Szabó, Zoltan Kovacs)
- Nuport (Founded by Christopher Lin, Fahim Salam)
- Apono
- Demoleap (Founded by Hugo Dempsey, Itay Sinuani, Noam Singer)
- Uplify (Founded by Andrey Samoylov, Constantine Shishkin, Ilya Pozharsky, Pasha Medvedev)
- Firstbase.com (Founded by Chris Herd, Trey Bastian)
- Resmo
- inBuild (Founded by Ian Sharp, Ty Sharp)
- Castled Data
- Gear Technologies. (Founded by ILYA VELLER, - Nikolay Volf)
- Komon
- Kloudle (Founded by Akash Mahajan, Riyaz Walikar)
- Scopify AI (Founded by Vik Bhatia)

To read more – tap the link: https://innovationtech.news/15-innovative-software-companies-in-wilmington-delaware/
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