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JointJourney investment office, founded by investor and serial entrepreneur Sergey Dashkov, together with Genia Xasis, founder at the global recruiting agency AiHub and global career consultant, will hold a giveaway for technical specialists in Russia and Ukraine.
We want to help in finding a job on global markets for those who need it now. From the received applications, we will select 5 lucky candidates, who will receive a free consultation to get the following opportunities:
  • determine the next career step
  • we will determine the strategy for promoting your professional brand and make it attractive and dive deep in tactics for achieving a career goal
  • create resume for Europe, United States or Emirates
  • revamp your Linkedin page
  • create a content plan for interacting with the audience depending on the target
  • optimize the page for keywords for better display in the search
  • creating a channel or a platform for sharing your expertise^ creating a community and making your professional brand look more solid
With your consent, we will pass your questionnaire on to JointJourney portfolio companies - there are more than a hundred of them, they develop in foreign markets and continue to actively hire people. Full list of JJ portfolio companies: https://jj.capital/portfolio

To participate in the selection for a free consultation, fill out the form below. To agree to the transfer of your questionnaire to JointJourney companies - pay attention to the last question.
We will give preference to your profile if:

  1. You are a С-level executive or top manager, team leader or senior developer in a Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian company.
  2. You have shaped a goal, where you want to find a job, or you have several hypotheses - what companies it could be, in what countries and why. Maybe you like these countries because of the climate, taxes, or you resonate with the values of this company, etc.
  3. If you are a founder, you know your target market and can describe it.
  4. You are ready to write posts and work on the content sharing at your page in order to credo promote your professional brand. You are ready to follow the recommendations of a career consultant to achieve your goal.
  5. You are the leader of a community, even a small one. We would like to know that, after your transition to a new status, there will be people next to you whom you can help as well.
  6. You are a Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian who has been directly affected by the current situation: you have been fired, you have fewer orders/projects, or your company has closed.
  7. You already have a decent career in the local market - you tried and invested your time in your own education and recognition, but the current situation has knocked you out of the saddle and now you want to try yourself in a new market. Maybe you don't know where to start, or you know, but you need help and support.